Segregated Account

Segregated Account

The special PrizmaFX Loyalty Saver Account enables user transactions to be perfectly safe and helps avoid any bad payments or slow processing of the information.


Your satisfaction is certain. The account is created in a way which brings many pluses to both parties. Here are the major pluses which you should consider.

  • 100% user satisfactory.
  • Helps avoid any bad or slow processed payments.
  • Efficient funds transferal.
  • Safe chargeback.
  • User friendly operation of your funds.

When would a Loyalty Saver Account be appropriate for me?

It is generally used in the beginning, when you place money on your account and helps speed up the transfer process, avoiding any unnecessary paperwork.

Condition for releasing and delivering funds

  • Both parties should concur for the release.
  • When both sides are satisfied with the provided service.
  • At the point in time set for automatic money release.
  • If the user requests delivering of the funds.